“Why we’re here…”

2 05 2013

“It’s only by the grace of God, or whatever you believe in that you were simply born when you were and not in a time that would have you dying in the Civil War.”

We all have blessings in life, even though at times they’re difficult to identify. I have been blessed with a good life, though I’m all to familiar with its heartaches and suffering. Having been widowed, it’s given me a new appreciation for what’s important in life. All of the material items can never replace the people who mean something to us. It’s the relationships in our lives that give them meaning. I want to help restore that for a family, as well as build new meaningful ones for others by taking some of my time to show I care. I can only hope that inspires others to look at their own life and identify with how they might do the same. We’re all creatures that want to be loved and reach out to others, or we would have become extinct thousands of years ago. It’s the good in people I search for, even if they don’t realize it’s there yet…



“Power in numbers…”

1 05 2013

$10 will buy a fast food meal, 3 gallons of gasoline, a matinee ticket to a movie, a decent car wash! None of these items represent a critical necessity to a happy existence? Thousands of people spend a similar amount of $$ every minute aid every day around the world in similar fashion. Imagine, if on a single day 500 of them decided to forego that experience and instead gave that same $$ to help another person in need? Well, that would more than accomplish the goal of this drive, but think of the profound impact that simple gesture could provide this unfortunate family…


Consider my proposition and visit here:http://www.gofundme.com/1yza44

“Who will join me…?”

30 04 2013



If you’re inspired by her story, please join me in helping her gets these two precious girls back with their mother!

“The Divorce…”

30 04 2013


The Divorce
No one ever wins in a divorce. There are only fractured lives that need to recover and rebuild. We married in 2004 when our eldest daughter Andrea was 15 months old and then had Ashlee in 2006 staying together until August of 2011. I had reached my limit with his prioritizing his family’s citizenship over his wife and children’s needs, and asked him to leave. This represented the culmination of seven years of having his parents and siblings actually physically living with us as they immigrated from Peru. This constant state of disruption took its toll on me and the girls, as he became increasingly abusive with his verbal assaults every time I confronted him with my feelings. Finally, I asked him to leave and get his own place. I went so far as to attempt to co-habitate until he could save up some money to move out, but he couldn’t seem to make any progress. That’s when I insisted he leave, so he moved in with his brother.
He worked two jobs, both as a server in two different restaurants. We verbally agreed to a visitation schedule based on his work schedule. Also, I would let him have parenting time on my weekends with the girls because I knew how hard this was on them. I made sure they called him every night to say good night and in the morning on the way to school to say good morning. (To be honest this was the most my kids had seen and talked to them their whole lives.) this continued for seven months, as we lived with this arrangement. We attended counseling as a means of understanding how to parent through this stressful time for the girls. I had made it abundantly clear, that his broken promises of the past had left me with little hope of any reconciliation. This infuriated him, and his verbal abuse escalated during this process. He attempted to use our children as a tool to retaliate against me by openly telling them how horrible he thought I was for wanting out of this marriage. I never once have said a negative word about him in their presence, and only wanted to move on with my life. My only mistake in all of that was reconnecting with someone from my past. I felt that by showing him I was moving on, he would attempt to do the same, and we could break this vicious cycle of hatred that was rapidly evolving. Little did I realize, that would be used as leverage against me to take away what matters most to me in this world, my precious little girls. I’m no longer involved with anyone, and have no intentions of doing so until I can fight to return my children to my life in the way that best re-enforces my commitment to their well being!


“Amy’s story…”

29 04 2013

My Story:
I’m a 33 year old divorced mother living in Connecticut working as an Immigration paralegal fighting desperately to find a way to regain custody of my two beautiful daughters Andrea, and Ashlee! Custody was granted to their father in a recent hearing, where he had full legal representation, and I had none. I’m a good loving mother to those girls and only want what’s in their best interest. I was raised in a large family with six other siblings, who I’m very close with. I’ve always done my best to provide the kind of role model to them, that my mom gave to me. I’ve been involved and active in every aspect of their lives from dance, since they turned two, to Girl Scouts (where I served as a troop leader for three years) to soccer, to church. I’ve been the parent, who’s attended all of the school meetings and functions, as well as ensuring they get all of the counseling and support available through the school to help the adjust to the divorce. They are not dealing with their new living arrangements very well, am I’m afraid of the lasting effects this will have on them the longer it exists. Not only have they been exposed to the ugly nature of how the divorced played out, but now their lives have been traumatically disrupted having to leave their friends and move to another school. I pray for just enough help and support to make things right, and get them back to the life they are familiar with to help ease the anxiety of the entire experience.




“These people need to be united…”

27 04 2013


These are the people who’s lives have been disrupted by this inefficiency in our court system. Please consider what your support might just accomplish…


“Lets Help This Woman…”

26 04 2013


My name is Amy Jacobs, and I’m here today seeking your help. I’ve recently gone through a bitter custody battle with my ex husband over our two daughters. Because I had exhausted all of my financial resources expediting the divorce, I was unable to have legal counsel during the custody hearing. This left me at a tremendous disadvantage in presenting my case. He was awarded custody of the girls, who have been with me every single day of their lives. My hopes are to reach out to the public at large to somehow find enough resources to properly present my case in hopes of doing what’s in the best interest of those two little girls. All I ask, is that you just take enough time to hear my story, and consider my situation with a small donation. All of the proceeds will go directly to paying any and all accrued legal fees. Any residual funds will be donated to the “Save the Children Foundation”! A current account balance sheet will be continually posted to track my progress. Thank you so very much for your time and support.
God Bless,
Amy Jacobs